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We Are Vitolic Natural Foods

Since establishment in 2015, we are serving people of Pune & PCMC with Natural Foods including 100% pure Natural and Healthy Pure A2 Cow Milk, A1 Cow Milk (In Pouch as well as Bottle packaging), Pure Cultured A2 Cow Milk Ghee, Pure Cultured Cow Ghee, Cow Milk Malai Paneer, and Cow Milk Low Fat Paneer.

Central focus is to assure safe milk and milk products from farm to doorstep which essentially mean we follow standard process as mentioned in the image seen here.

  1. Cow Milk Dairy Farm is completely isolated to provide the required environment for cows to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Cows are Farm-Fed to make sure balanced nutrition as it directly impacts the milk quality. Cows are Harmone-Free, means no hormones are injected to get higher milk production from cows.
  3. Health of each cow is automatically monitored, via advanced ear taggs to collect their health data regularly.
  4. This help us to milk only the healthy cows.
  5. Milking is an automated process, no human touch is involved here. This keeps milk contamination free.
  6. Packaging and bottling process is automated and this assures zero adulteration.
  7. Milk is then delivered via clean and in-time delivery to your doorstep.
  8. This is how you enjoy Dilicious, Healthy, Pure and Nutritious Milk 🙂

Natural Food

Natural - Nutritious - Healthy

We Deal With Quality Natural Food!

Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark (Government of India)

Trade Mark No. 5190525 | Certificate Number : 2983245 | Date : 28/10/2021

Below is the Registered trademark of Vitolic Natural Foods.

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